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​-A story from the launch of a new project to its release-

April 2020 A new project was launched with several on-site staff in the company when there was a hectic movement that no one had ever experienced.


At the "kick-off meeting" held by staff who have no experience in product planning or sales planning, it goes without saying that no concrete plans will come out. What are you going to do now? I want the world to be at surprise! Only such vague conversations, and the time of the meeting passed by mischief.


Representative Taniguchi's thoughts are only art. I've been working in fine arts so far, so new businesses shouldn't leave art. I conveyed such a strong feeling to the staff.


The story goes back and forth, but we are a company that undertakes the removal of exhibitions of works of art in museums. However, displaying art in a museum is too different from planning and selling art products.


Still, based on his passion for art, representative Taniguchi takes over the unique works of artists who have not appeared in the world via the Internet, and sells them to customers who want to purchase unique works at a low price. do. I came up with such a project. It can also contribute to the livelihood of an artist in the Corona disaster. And customers who purchase works of art can also feel the contribution to society. I want to grow such a new business. At this time, the direction to be taken was decided.


In addition, representative Taniguchi couldn't make a unique amount of money to decorate a unique work, which has little impact just by buying and selling art works. Also, couldn't there be a gift box integrated with the forehead for customers who purchase paintings for gift purposes? With that in mind, a company in Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture, came to the end of trial and error.


The company was named Kunisaki Time Co., Ltd. I thought it was a peaceful company name. Representative Taniguchi contacted Mr. Yuki Matsuoka, the representative director of the company, by telephone, talked about the purpose of the project and obtained approval, so we decided to visit Mr. Matsuoka with representative Taniguchi and several staff members. The company turned an abandoned elementary school into an office and a gallery. While observing the products designed by Mr. Matsuoka, I found a gift case that can hold a bottle of wine and a bee-shaped gift case that can hold a bottle of honey. These products were designed using the FLATS method developed by Mr. Matsuoka in 1998.

Mr. Matsuoka, who uses this design method, may be able to create a unique amount or gift box to decorate a unique work. Thinking so, representative Taniguchi decided to ask Mr. Matsuoka to design the forehead.


When I returned to Tokyo and had a meeting about the image design of the amount, one opinion came out. I see bottles of alcohol disinfectant in many places, but I have never seen a bottle of disinfectant in a case. Isn't it possible to make a disinfectant bottle case designed by Mr. Matsuoka? All the staff agreed with this opinion, and this project was given top priority. Then, with the approval of Mr. Matsuoka, it was decided to commercialize it.


The concept of product development for alcohol disinfecting bottle cases is to plan products that follow the feelings of an artist who carefully creates a single work of art. And the completed disinfectant bottle case will entertain the important person of the customer who purchased it. Of course, including yourself. Alcohol disinfection is not obligatory and I want to enjoy it. Art products play a leading role in combating the new coronavirus in everyday life. It is also an opportunity for art to play an active role in various places.


What should be the motif of the alcohol disinfectant bottle case? In the era of corona, we decided on "owl" and "beckoning cat" based on the idea that motifs that bring good luck and good luck are suitable. "Owl" is sometimes expressed in Ateji such as Fukurai, Fukuro, Fukuro, Fukugo, Hardship, and Tomikyu, and each of them has a happy meaning. And the beckoning cat raising his right hand invites fortune with a dream. The beckoning cat raising his left hand lovingly invites human luck. With the help of motifs that bring such good luck, we may be able to contribute to the reduction of corona infections.


And, although it was late, I decided to name the division of the new project. The English word that left an impression on Taniguchi, who is not very good at English, is "PERHAPS", which means "maybe" in Japanese. Because it sounds good, the name of the department that has jurisdiction over the new project has been decided to be the PERHAPS division.


Also, what is the proper name for the case that holds the bottle of alcohol disinfection? Although various names are given by the members, it lacks the decisive factor. Protect your loved ones from the threat of viruses. In other words, if you are infected with a virus, you cannot protect your loved ones. Yes, I love you. Taking good care of your body in Corona's illness leads to the protection of your loved ones. The name of this product was decided by the representative Taniguchi as "GOJIAI".


Despite the twists and turns, the design and manufacture of the product was completed, and on December 18, 2020, the alcohol disinfection bottle case "GOJIAI" was released.


Even now, in August 2021, there are no signs of the end of the new coronavirus. I want everyone to know more and more about "GOJIAI". Not only the alcohol disinfection bottle case "GOJIAI", but also "GOJIAI" will evolve in search of a new stage.

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