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GOJIAI Blown glass Cloisonne pattern buds

GOJIAI Blown glass Cloisonne pattern buds

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Product specifications

Size: caliber approx. 47 mm, bottom diameter approx. 65 mm, height approx. 117 mm

* Replaceable size in GOJIAI bottle case

Weight: Approximately 200g

Material: Glass

Color: transparent

  • GOJIAI Bottle Case A bottle that can be arranged and used inside the main body. Of course you can use it as a vase, but how to use it depends on the arrangement. GOJIAI has prepared the perfect size bottle because we want to be particular about the bottle that goes inside. Each piece is made by hand using the blown glass manufacturing method. It is a squeezed and constricted design. Of course, you can use it as a vase without putting it in the GOJIAI bottle case.

    * Due to manual work, there may be slight differences in color and shape from the photos of the products shown. Please note.

    * This page is sold as a single bottle. The GOJIAI bottle case and flowers shown in the photo are not included. Please be careful.

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