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GOJIAI Miniature Maneki Neko (Left Hand Love) Natural

GOJIAI Miniature Maneki Neko (Left Hand Love) Natural

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Product specifications

Miniature Maneki Neko (Left Hand Love) Natural

・ Package label (instruction manual on the back) …… 1 sheet

・ Sheets for body parts …… 3 sheets


Package size: 115 x 305 x 8 mm

Finished product size: Width 60mm Depth 55mm Height 85mm

GOJIAI Plate size: Width 35mm Depth 18mm Height 55mm

Material: Cardboard

Color: Natural

  • "Shine Future" GOJIAI Project

    The GOJIAI brand was born at the end of 2020. In the spring of 2020, when the world has changed drastically like the changing seasons. Aiming for "manufacturing" that creates fashionable everyday life, we ask writers who carefully create works of art to take charge of the design. In other words, to infuse GOJIAI with a new "Ibuki". I came up with such a wonderful thing.

    What you want to make, what you want to make. Through the brand GOJIAI, we will make art work miscellaneous goods that "integrate into everyday life".

    Living with GOJIAI on your side.

    A wonderful encounter between the GOJIAI brand and FLATS, which was born from the architectural design concept. It is an art puzzle formed by the concept of "equivalence" in which each part has a unique shape and meaning, resonates with each other, and constitutes the whole in an equal relationship.

    As a memorable first product of the GOJIAI brand, we will deliver "luck", "prettiness" and "fun moments" to everyone.

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