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How to enjoy GOJIAI-Application-
It's boring to just use GOJIAI as it is! We will introduce new ways to enjoy it by using various methods!
Please imitate and enjoy yourself ♪

​Gorgeous with Swarovski ☆

Our president himself decorated with Swarovski!
It seems that he tried for the first time.At first, I felt like "let's try it for a while", and I thought that I would decorate only a part of it, but finally the pasting was completed on the entire surface ...! Even the president who usually likes to talk
I was very quiet and focused during the process of applying Swarovski.
IMG_4651 のコピー.jpg
<Completion of Swarovski decoration>
The dazzling light seems to dazzle me ...!
haritukesagyoWix Website Edit.png
​<Begin pasting>
​<Progress on the front face>
​<Paste details>
Four diamond-shaped Swarovski crystals are attached to the nose.
This is the president's favorite point. Before it is completed, it can be pasted on even the smallest details and there are no gaps.
It is interesting to see various shapes and colors of Swarovski!

Change from a bottle to a vase and decorate the flowers ♪

Originally, GOJIAI contains a bottle for disinfectant, but you can turn the bottle into a vase!
By the way, I recommend the hexagonal bottle sold at CAN DO.
It fits in just the right size.
<Owl in a vase>
You can enjoy decorating your favorite flowers!
binWix Website Edit.png
-How to put a bottle
Remove the parts that connect the owl's head and body, and put the bottle inside. When you put back the head and the removed parts, it turns into a vase!
<Up of the body part>
<Install a bottle>
<Return the removed parts>
-You can see the assembly procedure from YouTube. Please refer to it! -

​Relying on artistic sensibilities? !! Let's paint as you like!

Decorate with your favorite colors and painting materials you want to use!
This time I made the beckoning cat a space pattern.
In addition to paints, crayons, pens and other painting materials, it is also interesting to attach toys such as marbles and beads.
IMG_4607 のコピー.jpg
<Completion of space deco>
The marbles in the eyes are the point!
utyuWix Website Edit.png
<Progress of the upper body>
IMG_0444 のコピー.jpg
<Back view>
IMG_0400 のコピー.jpg
<Up the foundation>
It is an enlargement of the back view and the base part.
The removable parts and oval are finished in a color that resembles the moon.
I put marbles in the eyes of the beckoning cat. While painting
My beard hit me and I almost broke ...
Please be careful when decorating.
In addition, we will introduce how to use and enjoy various GOJIAI applications!​​ Please look forward to it ♪
We look forward to your ideas!


About GOJIAI and whether there is no problem using this painting material, etc.
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