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GOJIAI MDF Assembly Kit Maneki Neko (Left Hand Love)

GOJIAI MDF Assembly Kit Maneki Neko (Left Hand Love)

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Product specifications

Maneki Neko (Left Hand Love)

Package size: 295 x 350 x 70 mm

Finished product size: Width 170mm Depth 140mm Height 245mm Height when using pump 260mm Pedestal 210mm x 210mm

Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

Color: Natural


Included set contents

・ Sheets for body parts …… 10 sheets

・ Pedestal …… 1 sheet

・ Bottle (white) 400ml …… 1 bottle

・ Spray nozzle …… 1 piece

・ Adhesive …… 1

・ Glass bottle …… 1

  • Enjoying art "GOJIAI" We have started selling an assembled version of an unlikely disinfectant bottle case!

    It is an assembly kit that allows you to remove parts from the board and enjoy assembling yourself like a puzzle.

    It also comes with a bottle that can be disinfected, a glass bottle that can be arranged and used, and an adhesive that can be used during assembly.

    When the assembly is completed, you will be a beckoning cat with your left hand raised. This beckoning cat also plays a role in corona countermeasures.

    The beckoning cat with his left hand raised is said to affectionately invite connections. That's why love is omitted from the oval.

    Even at home, corona measures are perfect, and your wife is safe and your business is safe! The adorable figure seems to bring more and more luck.

    Maneki Neko, who is usually on the top of the shelf, appeared on the front stage to repel Corona.

    A perfect gift for your child or grandchild! Your sense will stand out as a gift different from humans.

    Why don't you make the disinfection habit that you have no choice but to enjoy and heal?

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